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November 3 General Election Information

Big Lake ISD 727 Sample Ballot
Elk River/Zimmerman ISD 728 Sample Ballot

You may cast absentee ballots when the time comes by requesting from:
Sherburne County Website or In Person

or by applying online at


Ballots Will Be Available After Filing Closes,
 however you can pre-register online to receive an absentee ballot for either election

During the seven days before the election, a ballot counter and ballot box will be available at the Auditor / Treasurerís office and you will have the option of absentee voting with an envelope (as in the past) or depositing your voted ballot directly into the ballot counter.

Visit the Minnesota Secretary of State website to find out more about Absentee Ballots.

Minnesota Online Voter Registration Links

Minnesota Votes                                                                                                                            

Military Voters

You need to register to vote if you have moved, changed your name, just became eligible to vote, or have not voted in the last four years.  Voter registration applications are available online (links above) or at the County Offices.  To be eligible to vote, a person must be 18 years of age or older the day of the election, a US Citizen, and maintained residence in MN for 20 days preceding the election.

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